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Michigan Student Data System

Welcome to SDS

The Student Data System is a repository that contains information regarding students receiving education in the State of Michigan.

What's New
Business Rule Update: 219.317.12

Business Rule 219.317.12 in the Program Participation Component has been switched from a warning to an error. If a student is reported with Program Participation code '9220' - Alternative Education, then the building the student is reported at must be marked as offering alternative education services in the Educational Settings in the EEM.

Removal of 2017-2018 School Year Data in MSDS

If you wish to retain any data from the Fall 2017 General, Spring 2018 General, EOY 2018 General, Fall 2017 Early Childhood, Spring 2018 Early Childhood, EOP 2018 Early Childhood, 2017-18 Teacher Student Data Link, 2017-18 Early Roster, and 2017-18 Student Record Maintenance Collections, be sure to download and save your collections and reports by June 28, 2019. Please remember that these files contain confidential information and must be saved in a secure location on your local system. After the data are removed from the staging area, it is not possible for CEPI to re-create your data submission based on the data stored in our system. This will be your final chance to retain these files.


CEPI will remove all 2017-18 school year data from the staging area on Wednesday, July 17, 2019 during closeout processing. After this date, users will no longer have access to staging areas or certified reports for that school year. Historical student data for 2017-18 will still be available via the Student Search feature.


For assistance with downloading your collections or reports, refer to the MSDS New User Toolkit and the Using the MSDS Reports in the Help and Training section of the MSDS webpage.

If you have any questions, email the CEPI customer support team at, or call 517-335-0505 x3. Please provide your name, district code and district name (if applicable), telephone number (including area code and extension), your email address and your specific questions.

MSDS General EOY and TSDL 18-19 Collections are Now Available

The MSDS EOY 2019 General Collection and General TSDL 18-19 Collection are now available.

Important EOY 2019 General Collection Dates

  • June 12 – MSDS Mid-Collection Data Quality Analysis. Records must be certified or error-free by 11:59 p.m. ET for our data quality team to analyze your data.
  • June 28 – General Collection Certification Deadline

 Important TSDL 18-19 Collection Dates

  • June 30 (Mid-Collection 1) and July 10 (Mid-Collection 2) - MSDS Mid-Collection Data Quality Analysis. Records must be error-free by 11:59 p.m. ET of each date listed for our data quality team to analyze your data.
  • July 24 - General and Migrant TSDL Collection Certification Deadline

MSDS EC EOP 2019 Collection is Now Available

The Early Childhood EOP 2019 Collection is available as of April 3.

Important Dates:

  • Reporting Period: Feb 7 through Aug 21
  • Mid Collection Data Quality Snapshot: August 15
  • Certification Deadline: August 28